Cirque du Swing moved to 2022

To start off with a blast, our new festival Cirque du Swing will take shape in its original form in 2022 - where we will hopefully be back with multiple workshop groups, several teachers and a lot of parties with all of you after the Covid limitations are over.

We had to move the event once again, since the situation in June 2021 is still to unpredictable with frequently changing regulations for everybody to make it work in July 2021 - for us at the venue in Augsburg, for the teachers and the students to prepare, to book and travel. We would like our festival to be fun, welcoming and worry-free - this includes safe and comfortable travel and dancing together on-site in flexible workshop formats and parties :)

Thank you for your understanding - we hope to see everybody back on site in 2022!

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See you soon...

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Augsburg again soon!