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West Coast Swing

Nicole Clonch

Nicole has been dancing partner and solo dances for 19 years. She is a 4 time US Open champion in the Showcase division and has appeared on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance season 15 (making it to the top 25), Dancing with the Stars, and The Pop Game (2015). She has numerous awards in West Coast Swing improv competitions and in the champions division.

With heavy focus on West Coast Swing and Contemporary dances, Nicole has been traveling near and far; teaching since the age of 15. She continues to pursue her growth in these dances and strives to become a better teacher and performer everyday, taking classes and practicing any chance that she can. Her dance style is bold and from the heart.

Thibault Ramirez

Thibault started dancing at 6 years old at his parents dance studio, with Boogie Woogie where he competed in Junior and Main class divisions. He placed many times in the French National team, he has won a French Championship title and placed 5th at the World Championship. He has also danced and taught other partner dances like Rock, Salsa & Bachata.

When West Coast Swing stole his heart, it didn't take long for him to quickly earn his place in Champions in West Coast Swing after just 5 years of intense learning. His own and unique style comes from his Boogie Experience with his excellent musicality. He now teaches / judges / competes all over the world and teaches at his parents studio.

Ken & Joscha

West Coast Swing has become a great passion for the two charming boys from Kiel, Ken and Joscha!

Joscha has been dancing West Coast Swing since 2013 and Ken was drawn to the West Coast Swing spell in 2014. The two have been teaching together all over Germany since 2017.

One more surprise.. Joscha will be our Master of the Circus (MC), guiding you through every attraction during our Circus show. To get you in the right Circus mood every night, Ken (DJ) has prepared the best tunes for you. Enjoy the Show!

Tschen Fung

Tschen discovered dancing at the age of 16. Since then it has been an integral part of his life. He started with classical ballroom dances; first as a hobby, then as a sport. He competed on a professional level before discovering his passion for West Coast Swing. Emotions, fun, ambition, freedom, passion, variability, musicality. All that connects West Coast Swing.

The young ADTV dance teacher is currently teaching in Erding and spreading the joy of West Coast Swing. His motto for this dance is: "Don't be the best dancer, but the best partner." Under this motto, he teaches and dances. He pays great attention to the lead of the leader and the security of the follower. His top priority is fun.

Solo Classes

Isabella Blum

Jazz Dance

Iwanson graduate from 2001, Isabella has been dancing in a long row of musicals, among others "FMA-Falco meets Amadeus", Tabaluga", "Evita", "Chicago", "Blues Brothers", "Victor/Victoria" as well as in contemporary dance productions like "Aida" at the Bregenzer Festspiele. For many years she has been in the contemporary dance ensemble of the Palindrome Performance Group.

As choreographer she works for theatre and film productions, for instance "Love-The Beatles", "Hardway-The Action Musical" or "Polegirl". As well as for her own Company "The ChaosCrew".

For Iwanson International and the Festival "Junger Tanz" alone, she created more then 30 choreographies in the past 10 years.

At Iwanson International she teaches Jazz Dance and offers open classes for professional dancers.

Being one of the leading jazz dance teachers in Germany she is often referred to as representing "a class of it's own".

Frenschi & Walter

Authentical Jazz

Swing, swing and even more swing! Frenschi and Walter have been dancing solo jazz / Charleston for 7 years. It is very important for the two of them, that you get to know yourself and your personality better through your dance. With an energetic mood, Frenschi and Walter put you under the swing-spell and show you the secrets - some creativity, a bit of technique and voilá: the swing comes to life!

Whether Charleston, Boogie-Woogie or Lindy Hop - the Swing family has a lot to offer! With Authentical Jazz, Frenschi and Walter offer you a great opportunity to get to know the roots of West Coast Swing.

Mirjam Frank

Breath, Dance, Perform!

Mirjam Frank is a mezzo-soprano and music historian. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Royal Holloway, University of London, and her Masters degree from the University of Oxford. Just recently, she handed in her doctoral thesis in music history. Mirjam has performed as soloist in London, New York, Los Angeles and Vienna, as well as with renowned vocal ensembles across the world. She also appears as a public speaker at conferences and symposiums. She is Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and teaches voice as well as performance techniques. Mirjam has previously received classical dance training, but has shifted her focus to the swing dances more recently.

Jürgen Schmid

Mental Training

The passionate sports hypnotist Jürgen Schmid is a certified trainer and trainer of DVH e.V. (German Association for Hypnosis). The young athlete suffered a sports accident and has been paraplegic ever since. He used the radical change in his life to devote himself to people and their personal development. His passion is working with top athletes, whom he - with the help of the diverse possibilities of hypnosis - accompanies on the way to new top performances.

Jürgen will offer a mental training workshop for dancers. As dancers and performers, we often fight with excitement and stage fear. Especially for competitions, it requires a special mental preparation. Together with Jürgen, you will get to know completely new sides of yourself and learn interesting ways how to deal with excitement and nervousness as a passionate dancer.

Martin Spitzweck

Improvisation Theater

The trained actor and theater pedagogue from Munich has played in numerous theater plays and film productions. He worked for several years at many theaters and then continued his career as a freelance actor. Since 2011 Martin has worked on numerous theater-pedagogical works with children, adolescents and adults; developed plays for children as well as for adults.

As a successful theater pedagogue, Martin lectures at the Munich VHS in the theater department, at the Artemis drama school for improvisation and at TASK, the drama school for children and young people in Munich. Martin also runs his own theater workshops.

Look forward to amazing workshops with an well experienced actor, theater pedagogue and lecturer. Martin will be taking you with him on a unique journey into the world of acting. Together with him you learn what it means to improvise creatively - challenges that accompany us in every dance!

Sonja Paffrath

Contact Improvisation

Sonja has been dealing with the secret of improvisation for over 20 years. She uses dance as her preferred tool. Her work is about Embodyment, getting involved with the moment and regaining our spontaneous, physical responsiveness. She puts all of this in dance improvisation.

In contact improvisation, in addition to a dance form, we also practice a new attitude. An attitude that goes beyond roles, hierarchies and predictable results - an attitude of ignorance. This means that the dance requires us to question habits and certainties, we consciously enter unfamiliar and unsafe situations. There are no set steps or guidelines, instead we practice readiness: the readiness for the unpredictable.

Prepare yourself for an extravagant workshop in which you can get to know yourself as a dancer better and create space for spontaneity on the dance floor.

Marisa Robel


Finding balance, stretch and inner strength through gentle movement and yoga postures.

Learn to use strength and stretch sensibly and organically, to develop light and stimulating movement by focusing on the fascia and to increase the body feeling for your dance practice.

How do I move in the room? Where can I find stretch?

DJ's & MC

DJ Ken

MC Joscha

DJ Carsten