What to expect?

...the unexpected!

At the great arena, your expenses will be worthwhile! Your ticket to the Circus allows for at least 10 hours worth of classes – be that with Nicole and Thibault or our other formidable teachers. As the months pass by, more and more artists will join us, enhancing and expanding your experience with pleasant and astonishing surprises. Rest assured that all of them are at the top of their field.

In the evening, the arena is open for the creatures of the night. A celebration of unprecedented wonders is waiting for you. Dance as much as you can and enjoy our artists unconventional and dramatic entertainment. If you dare, stay until the sun comes up!

Our tents are pitched right at track 1 of Augsburg's main train station. If you are looking for shelter, there are plenty opportunities to hit the hay, just around the corner. And for your empty stomachs: an abundance of taverns will fill you up!

A timetable will be provided at the proper time.

Buy your ticket now and enjoy all that is to come at no extra cost! But be quick. Prices will rise soon!

Or in plain words:

At the Cirque du Swing, you can participate in at least 10 hours of classes. Besides Nicole and Thibault's West Coast Swing workshops, we have more than 10 hours of solo classes confirmed so far, and there are more surprises to come. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will have parties with special performances from our teachers. So stay tuned for some unconventional and dramatic entertainment. While we will be adding more solo classes over the next months, you can attend all of them with the pass you can buy right now. A preliminary timetable will soon be published. The Cirque du Swing will take place at the Hep Cat Club studio, which is located right at track 1 of the main train station of Augsburg. There are many accommodations close nearby, as well as many restaurants.